Pets strike a pose (reluctantly) for Christmas

6:24 PM, Dec 13, 2012   |    comments
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Your pets may hate you, but you know it's tough to resist dressing them up in festive attire and snapping a few pictures.

Our Erin Donovan visited Julie Poole Photography with her dog Grady and cat Sanford, in hopes of capturing some magical Christmas moments-- and she succeeded!!   Both critters were very patient and well-behaved, and Grady even put his arm around Sanford for a second or two!

Watch the video to see how the pictures turned out, and then you can get it on the act!!

You can upload pictures of your own dogs or cats, dressed in their holiday best or just posing in the front of the Christmas tree, in our Christmas Pets photo gallery.  And just to make things more interesting, we've created one gallery for dogs and one for cats, to see which pets are loved the best!

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