85-year-old woman creates UT Football poem

5:57 PM, Feb 20, 2013   |    comments
Helen Isabell recites her UT Football poem for WBIR's Live@Five@Four.
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85-year-old Helen Isabell listens to sports radio in her spare time.

The Knoxville woman loves UT Football and can name team statistics, the team's newest recruits or give her prediction on the upcoming season.

Isabell is also a member of the poetry club at her residence, Brakebill Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in West Knoxville.

Her latest assignment: create a poem about UT Football.

The words fell in place naturally.  The only obstacle...Isabell is legally blind and cannot read or write.

"I have to memorize [the poem] and then I have to throw away and that's a little bit hard.  But, I finally got it all together and I told her [the nurse] I finally got it," Helen Isabell said.

"Oh, I knew it was a winner.  I said, 'Butch Jones has got to hear this'.  It captures Knoxville.  It captures the stadium.  You just can see the stadium with Smokey out there barking," said Pat Anderson with Brakebill.

Isabell recited her poem from memory for WBIR's Live@Five@Four.

The 85 year-old truly believes in Butch Jones.  She really wants to meet him.

"I'd probably jump out of my bed.  I can walk a little bit.  The whole hall would think something had happened to me," Isabell said.

The huge football fan listens to every UT game on the radio.  However, don't bother her during a game.  She likes to listen alone.

Helen Isabell recites her poem in the video attached above.

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