Day 2: The Giving Closet-Knoxville

4:42 PM, Mar 12, 2013   |    comments
Celebrity Stylist Sam Russell and Relationship and Lifestyle Expert Dr. Anjana pose for a picture during The Giving Closet-Knoxville.
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Day 2: The Giving Closet-Knoxville

Celebrity Stylist Sam Russell and Relationship-Lifestyle Expert Dr. Anjana complete day two of a three day mission.

They chose the recipient of the $10,000 wardrobe makeover created by The Giving Closet and sponsored by Hollywood designers.

Dr. Anjana called non-profit and community organizations looking for a deserving woman.  She discovered Felicia.

Felicia is a mother of four, who spends her spare time directing young children in the Outsey-Pettway Dance Team.  Felicia also teaches young men how to become good citizens through the service-learning group Stewards of the Earth.

The mom is working towards her teaching degree.

Russell and Dr. Anjana felt the wardrobe makeover could further Felicia's success.

Wednesday, Dr. Anjana sits down with Felicia and slowly reveals the $10,000 gift.  Watch the Knoxvillians reaction during the finale on LiveAtFiveAtFour.


Previous Story:

Day 1: The Giving Closet-Knoxville

The Giving Closet arrived in Knoxville with a $10,000 wardrobe makeover planned for a deserving woman.

Sam Russell, celebrity stylist and founder of The Giving Closet, proved Hollywood fashion designers truly have a heart through their gorgeous, generous donations.

"I started a traveling mission back in 2011 to surprise women in need with a wardrobe upgrade valued at $10,000.  I've been in Hollywood for 15 years working with celebrities like Stevie Wonder, Sophia Bush, Donna Mills and I had a light bulb moment that I could do so much more with my PR fashion resources so now I am," Russell explained to 10News Fashion Reporter Stoney Sharp.

The Giving Closet was founded on a very simple, yet powerful belief.

"I think if you empower every woman on the planet you then empower every child and you better their future.  I really go on a hunt for women who are survivors.  You hear so many great stories from nonprofits and social workers.  There are so many women out there who could benefit from a hand up," the celebrity stylist said.

Russell joined forces with holistic relationship and lifestyle expert, Dr. Anjana of Knoxville, to make this Giving Closet mission extra special.

Dr. Anjana founded The Anjana Network. 

"He gets to clothe the women in couture and fashion and make them feel really good, sexy and powerful," Dr. Anjana said.  "I get to clothe them in wisdom and inspiration and build and stoke that ember into a fire that helps them to glow.  In return, the clothes will look better on a woman who feels better about herself.

Watch the story from Day 1 where Russell and Dr. Anjana shared their story.

Tuesday, the duo will tell who they picked to receive the $10,000 surprise.

Finally, on Wednesday, Sam Russell and Dr. Anjana will reveal the huge gift to the recipient.

Watch the story play out Monday through Wednesday on WBIR's LiveAtFiveAtFour.

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