More people out-of-state are moving to East TN

9:12 AM, May 12, 2013   |    comments
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Many people from other states are now calling East Tennessee home.

Dr. Greggory DeVore of La Canada, California is looking for a potential home in Knoxville. The medical doctor, who has practiced medicine for more than 30 years, is preparing to retire and is considering making East Tennessee his new home.

Dr. DeVore's son, who graduated from the University of Tennessee's law school Friday, introduced him to the area.

"About a year ago, he asked us to come out to see where he lives and I fell in love with Knoxville. I fell in love with the area and it's really a very promising place to consider living," said Dr. DeVore.

Dr. DeVore also said the fact Tennessee has no state income tax is enticing. And compared to California, housing prices and property taxes are lower.

Dr. DeVore said, "It's cost, cost, and cost."

Dr. DeVore's realtor, Tammy Garber, said her website gets a lot of hits from people looking to buy a new home and most of them don't live in East Tennessee.

Garber said, "I'm capturing about 400 people a month. I would estimate that probably 65% - 75% of them are out-of-town lookers."

It seems many of those out-of-town lookers are now East Tennessee residents. An interactive map on Forbes' website illustrates more people are moving into Knox County that away from Knox County. The map was released in 2012, but Dr. DeVore is proof the migration to East Tennessee is continuing.

"If I had to compare Nashville to Knoxville in beauty, I think this wins," said Dr. DeVore, who said Knoxville is high on his list of places to retire.

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