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Both sides of healthcare reform want their voices heard

7:56 AM, Nov 5, 2009   |    comments
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They came with strollers and strong opinions- moms converged on Capitol Hill demanding universal coverage for kids.

Pamela Shaw, Senior Policy Consultant of the Children's Defense Fund said, "Without significant changes children will be worse off rather than better off. We say that children must be better off after health reform."

Today opponents of health care reform stage their own rally.

Representative Steve King of Iowa said, "There are buses that are coming in from state after state after state."

GOP critics are encouraging them to storm lawmakers' offices and demand "no" votes on overhaul plans.

Representative Michael McCaul of Texas said, "You have the power to defeat this government takeover of the health care system and to take over one-sixth of our economy."

To Democrats, it's obstruction of change they promised.

Senator Sherrod Brown of Ohio said, "My Republican colleagues have become the party of no."

The stakes are monumental for President Obama.

He said, when it comes to healthcare, families can't afford "no change."

President Barack Obama said, "We had an obligation to create a better healthcare system that works for our people, our businesses and our government alike."

The President leans on lawmakers in person Friday, to try to close the deal for Democrats.

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