The Lone Mountain Post Office and Store in Tazewell Tennessee closed it's doors Saturday after nearly 200 years in business

10:09 PM, Jan 9, 2010   |    comments
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The Lone Mountain Store & Post Office opened its doors for the final time Saturday

The Lone Mountain Store and Post Office has long been a part of the community outside Tazewell.  License plates on the wall date back to the 1950's, but the store's history goes back much further.

"Well over 170 something, probably closer to 200 (years). A long time, a long time," owner Inez Davis said.

Davis bought the store in 1990. All sorts of products have filled the shelves during that time.

"Everything, just about, that could be thought of," she said. "Even at one time we had some clothing; a general store, little bit of everything."

Saturday marks the final time the sign in the window will say "open". Business slowed so much Davis had to close the store December 31st. Starting Monday, mail will no longer be delivered to the post office.

The community successfully petitioned to keep it open in 2003. This time there was no such luck.

"Its just one of those things, we can't stop this time. It's a done thing," Davis said.

Current P.O. Box customers can keep their box number and zip code, they'll just have to drive to the New Tazewell Post Office to pick up their mail.

"It's going to cause some of them to drive farther, a few have put up boxes on the route to get it so it will be closer and not so inconvenient. Some are going to go on because they're afraid for their mail to be in a box on the route," Davis said.

She says she is sad to close the doors, but remains optimistic about the future.

"It's going to be different, but everything has a reason. There will be something down the way," Davis said.

The building is currently up for sale. Davis is considering going back to school and starting a new career.


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