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Hurricane Alex affects Gulf oil spill recovery

7:53 AM, Jul 1, 2010   |    comments
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Lots of waves and wind arrive as Hurricane Alex slams into southeast Mexico near the Texas border along with heavy rains-more than the Rio Grande Valley can handle.

Tourist Sabino Cortez said, "It's been raining a lot. It's flat down here and they are saying it's not going to hold all of rain."

Storm surge is also a concern from Louisiana to Mississippi.

Oil laden Gulf waters, with its toxic mix, is being pushed farther inland.

National Incident Commander Admiral Thad Allen said, "We fully expect that if there's a 2 to 3 foot storm surge we could see more oil moving inland or into marshlands where we haven't experience that before. We have skimming task forces standing by ready to deploy as soon as the weather abates."

All nervous residents in coastal communities can do is wait.

Grand Isle Road Supervisor Christopher Hernandez said, "Stress level is way higher than ever before."

Jefferson Parish Emergency Manager Deano Bonano said, "There's no protections in the passes right now. If oil's gonna come in right now, then there's nothing to stop it."

Rough seas also forced delays in skimming, spraying of dispersant chemicals, and controlled burns of oil on the ocean surface. At the spill site, BP?s containment efforts had to be shut down due to lightening strikes.

Until the well is sealed, an unknown amount of oil continues to flow into the sea. Relief wells to seal it are expected to be finished in August.

Officials say the first well is now within 7-hundred fifty feet of its goal.

The oil disaster is in its 72nd day. Made more difficult with Alex, and likely more storms ahead this hurricane season.

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