Weighing in on Obesity: Checking in with Alaina, midway through

4:48 AM, May 31, 2010   |    comments
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Alaina Lopez  measures everything she eats, right down to her morning  bowl of cereal .  She also reads labels and counts calories .  They're lessons she learned at the weight management clinic at East Tennessee Children's Hospital.

Alaina's mother Carrie can see the change in her daughter. " It teaches them to be confident in who they are.  She adds, " When they feel good about who they are, changing their eating habits is easy."

Carrie Lopez packs her daughters lunch boxes with healthy choices.  She says the entire family has modified the way they think of food but it hasn't been easy.  Like most families, they live life in the fast lane.  But they rarely go through the fast food drive through despite their busy days.

When the family does eat out they order salad or chicken.  Alaina has also developed the habit putting her fork down after every bite of food.

"When you put your fork down it kind of gets your food to settle so you're not eating this big plate of food."

Alaina has seen her body mass drop and she's gained lots of self esteem. Even her mother has learned a lesson.  "It taught me the type of mother I should be, " said Carrie Lopez.  "Healthy eating and how she sees herself is my responsibility." 

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