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Wii fitness schools

6:10 AM, Dec 1, 2009   |    comments
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It's one of the most popular activities in P.E. class at Robert Moten Elementary School in Maryland -- the Wii Sport.

"We get to play different games using different muscles," Katie Riesner, a student, said.

Last year carroll county started using the Wii in about half of its elementary schools as a new way to get kids excited about exercise.

"Their eyes light up. They get excited when they come in. And not just because I'm the phys ed teacher but it's fun to see them as individuals get pumped up about phys ed," Brett Ecker, a P.E. teacher, said.

"Because for us the hook is the video game. If they enjoy that, we can certainly get them to do the other activities -- like the throwing and playing golf. And these are things they can do the rest of their life," David Storey, a P.E. teacher, said.

"I think it's really fun and I like to do basketball and all those other games," Jasmine Bateman, a student, said.

P.E. instructors David Storey and Brett Ecker pair the virtual games with the real activity and they say kids are utilizing all their muscles.

"They're using their upper body muscles like their biceps and their triceps. They're certainly using their deltoid, shoulder muscles. Also as they're throwing and different things like that, they're using their oblique muscles, they're using their abs," Storey said.

And it's something kids of all ages can do, regardless of skill level. The hope is to get a Wii into every carroll county elementary school by next year.

For some of the students this is the first and only opportunity they'll ever have to use the Wii -- and everyone has a favorite.

"Basketball," Henry Brunett, a student, said.

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