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Buddy Check: Update on Dottie Arnett

3:16 PM, Oct 5, 2011   |    comments
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Editor's Note:
This story originally aired in March of 2010. In honor of the special Cutting Edge: Beating breast & Prostate Cancer, 10News wanted to provide an update on some of the women we've profiled.

Update 10/5/11

While it has been almost two years since Janet was diagnosed with breast cancer, for Dottie it has been a little over six months.

Dottie wrapped up weeks of chemotherapy this past summer and is back teaching at Sequoyah Elementary School. 

She said breast cancer has taught her to embrace each day. "It's helped me be more empathetic's amazing how many people are going through the same journey," said Dottie.

A team will be running in Dottie's honor in the upcoming Komen Race for the Cure.

Previous story

We chronicled Janet Testerman's battle with breast cancer.  Now, a year later, she is back where it all started, UT Medical Center.  This time, though, she's not the patient.

"I'm walking beside someone else, " said Testerman.

That someone is her friend Dottie Arnett.  She's a Knox County teacher and wife of County Clerk Foster Arnett.

She was told she had breast cancer exactly one year to the day of Janet's diagnosis.

"I'm not high risk.  I don't have breast cancer in my family.  However, I never said "Why me?" explained Arnett.

Through the emotions, questions and doctor's visits, Dottie's husband and Janet, who she calls her mentor, haven't left her side.

Janet has prepared her for what to expect before, during and after her double mastectomy.

"Having somebody who knows you and has been through it too, it's just really special," said Arnett.

And for Janet, it's been another healing step in her journey with breast cancer, now as a survivor and supporter.

"While she has been through this, I hit my one year mark.  I think it's enabled me to take the focus off of that and helped me to be here for her," said Testerman. 

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