New Sevier County No-Kill Animal Shelter opens

8:50 PM, Jun 11, 2011   |    comments
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The lagging economy hasn't stopped a new pet shelter from opening it's doors.

Saturday was the grand opening for "Pets without Parents Shelter" in Sevierville.

More than 100 dogs and kittens need good homes. That's where Lory Popps and Margie Bryant came in.

"We more just noticed how many animals were in need and we just one day decided let's just open a shelter together," said Lory Popps.

The two woman decided it was time Sevier county had a no-kill shelter.

Margie Bryant explained, "A lot of people just because of the economy can't care for their animals anymore. Some of them are stray that people have just dropped off."

At the shelter, 102 animals have a place to roam and play, "We give them more play time the most shelters. They go on a playtime schedule morning, noon, and evening so they don't just go crazy in a cage all day long."

Despite the economy looking down most days, the two woman wanted to forge ahead and open something they felt passionate about.

Popps said, "Especially in this economy it's been really tough, but we've been very fortunate to get some great food for the cats and the dogs."

Saturday, was a day for the pups to hopefully find a good home.

This shelter's goal is to provide love and find homes for the animals who need it the most.

Pets without Parents Shelter is a non-profit 501 (c) 3. They run solely on donations. They need monetary help and for the animals to find forever families.

They are located at 1408 Old Newport Highway in Sevierville, Tn.

Sevier County also has another shelter: The Sevier County Humane Society.

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