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Prayer on the minds of some high school football fans

11:53 PM, Sep 2, 2011   |    comments
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Middlesboro High School took on Bell County High School in the annual city/county game on Friday night. Throughout the game, many fans were thinking about prayer. 

This summer, students learned the Bell County School District received a letter from the "Freedom from Religion Foundation."

The letter explained the foundation received a complaint about the pre-game prayer from concerned Bell County High students.

Superintendent, George Thompson, said, "We've known for some time there were legal precedents set, but we took the position we were going to do it until someone told us to stop."

At the first home game in August, prayer was eliminated. Some students thought the prayer had just been forgotten, while others thought the changes were not fair. 

Some students agree with the pre-game prayer being cut. Other students and parents are upset.

The next home game for Bell County High is September 30th. 

The district said they will discuss the idea of replacing the prayer with a moment of silence or another option.

Students have already started a Facebook group and many want to recite the Lord's Prayer on their own at the next home game.

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