Printing company donates hundreds of "Let Us Pray" t-shirts

9:02 PM, Sep 9, 2011   |    comments
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In August, Bell County High School in Kentucky decided to cut out the pre-game football prayer over the loud speaker over fear of a lawsuit.

Since then, students, have been speaking up to keep the prayer. Now, the adults have stepped up to back them.

Ideal Print Shop in Middlesboro is making what they feel are "ideal" shirts.

A few weeks ago owner, Shawn Collins, was approached about printing shirts that have "Let Us Pray" on the front and a bible verse on the back.

Some Bell County High students and parents wanted to sell them and wear them to football games to show they still wanted the pre-game prayer, but Collins thought what better way to give back then to print them for free.

"They was gonna buy them and my fear, when I found out what it was for, I said no we will do them for free," said Collins.

Now, he's printing nearly 1,000 shirts.

"A bunch of high school students stood up for what was right and as a community we want to back them and show them we are behind them," said Collins.

Shawn's wife, Yvonne, said, "Like my momma always said, "If you don't stand for something you will fall for anything."

Local churches hope the t-shirt movement will catch on.

Gap Creek Baptist Church Pastor, Chad Burdette, said, "I believe you are going to see a really big crowd to not only watch football games, but to start this thing off with prayer together."

The idea is for Bell County High School football fans to all wear the shirts for the next home game on September 30th.

They plan to stand together and recite the Lord's Prayer, while wearing the shirt.

You can pick up a shirt at Ideal Print Shop in Middlesboro, behind Wal-Mart. There were vouchers for the shirt handed out at last Friday's city/county football game.

The Bell County School District said student prayer on their own is still allowed on campus. The high school is mulling over a moment of silence in place of the prayer.

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