Union Co. School Board balances budget, no jobs lost

9:14 PM, Sep 29, 2011   |    comments
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Members of the Union County School Board have approved cuts that will make up for a budget shortfall but not result in any staff losing their job. 

A few weeks ago, the school board proposed major staffing cuts and fewer bus services if they didn't get more money from county commission. The commission denied that request for more money and Monday night the school board met and discussed a revised proposal. 

Thursday night the school board met again and approved $754,000 in cuts. That includes cutting at 12 month contract employees down to 11 months.

That involves mostly central office staff and principals. Those cuts save the school system $90,000. One open assistant principal position will not be filled. 

In addition the bus contract is being reduced. However, on regular school days no bus routes will be affected. 

School board members said those cuts are going to be tough, but impact on students will be minimal and they accomplished their goal. "In this economy you don't want to send anyone home there are school systems all over facing this crisis you send a teacher home and their unemployed so we understand that the cuts we've made are tough but if you look at the overall picture, we sent no teachers home," said Union County School Board Don Morgan. 

"I wish no one had to lose any of their income but these are bad times so you have to do what you have to do, the board did the best they could with what they had to work with," said parent Missy Brown. 

The next step is for the budget to be approved by the Union County Commission and then be approved by the state.

Editor's note: In a prior version of this story, we reported the school board approved cuts they proposed during a work session earlier this week. That is incorrect. The school board members did not approve all of those cuts.

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