White-tailed deer could soon be farmed in TN

11:12 PM, Feb 21, 2012   |    comments
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It could soon be legal for breeding and ranching facilities to care for white-tailed deer in Tennessee.

Last year, a proposal failed that would have allowed hunters to kill farm-raised white-tailed deer.

While hunting is not included in this year's bill, it would allow possession of white-tailed deer for breeding and ranching at approved facilities in the state.

HB 3164 is sponsored by Knoxville Representative Frank Niceley.

The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency fears Chronic Wasting Disease would spread if the legislation is passed.

"The bill, as proposed, would put our native white-tailed deer in jeopardy," said TWRA spokesperson Daryl Ratajczak.

Niceley thinks his bill keeps CWD from spreading.

"These animals would have come in from a state that has never had CWD and have to come from a farm that had been on a CWD testing program and have tested clean for at least five years.  So it is a double safety," said Rep. Niceley.

Legislators put off a vote in the state Agriculture Committee for two weeks.


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