Contractors donate services to help families with home repairs

7:00 PM, Mar 22, 2012   |    comments
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The volunteer spirit that built a home for the Watson family during the recent taping of ABC's Extreme Makeover Home Edition in West Knoxville didn't stop when the bus rolled away.

We told you back in January how The Wesley House, a charity that works with inner city families, made audition tapes for the show for a couple of the families they serve. But the tapes showed desperate repairs that needed immediate attention.

The Winton family had no heat for two years, dangerous electrical wiring, and broken windows.

The Wesley House said that several contractors saw the 10News story and offered to help with other families in need.

Thursday, Zurix Roofing with the help of CRS Suppliers and the Tennessee Home Builder Association, replaced the Griffin family's roof.

For decades, it provided shelter for Anna Griffin,71, and her husband to raise 11 children. Now the widow cares for her severely autistic adult daughter.

Zurix roofing President Lee Smith said the roof is unfit to live under with five layers of shingles weighing down the frame.

"Each of the layers was just over two tons, so for a small house like this, you've got 10 tons of debris on top of that house. And that is just way too much for that structure," said Smith.

"She has one room in this house where the roof is collapsing and the roof in the kitchen is even bowing," said Wesley House Director Tim Adams.

Smith teamed up the Wesley House to make sure Anna is taken care of. Anna attends a senior day program there.

They discovered the extent of the damage when they asked if she wanted to make an audition tape for Extreme Makeover Home Edition.

"This was one need that we identified as someone that really could use some help," said Adams.

Smith contacted Wesley House when 10news mentioned her need in the Winton's story back in January.

"For the past year we've had more work with the storms and done well. So we definitely want to give back," said Smith.

"As it moves forward it has just snowballed and we managed to get more done than we ever dreamed," said Adams.

A new roof for Anna means fewer worries and a safer place to live.

"I hope the Lord will bless them real good. Doing this job for me. And they've helped others too . Not just me but others," she said.

The Wesley House says seven contractors have come forward to provide work for several families now.

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