Meth lab busts may double in Blount County

8:55 PM, May 14, 2012   |    comments
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Meth lab busts are on track to double in Blount County.

In all of 2011, 12 meth labs were found by the Blount County Sheriff's Office.

So far in 2012, 11 labs have already been discovered by deputies.  We're not even half way through the year yet.

The sheriff's office said meth is now cheaper to make than other drugs.  Plus, meth problems in other nearby counties may have moved into Blount County.

"I just think everybody [drug users] sees it as a way to make product for their own use as well as product to sell," said Sergeant Steve Blankenship with the BCSO Drug Task Force.

The sheriff's office has reassigned some investigators towards meth related crimes.

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