Closure of Krystal's Strip location stirs up memories for students, alumni

5:49 PM, May 31, 2012   |    comments
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It seems that the University of Tennessee Strip is a revolving door with businesses coming and going frequently.

But the latest closure has stirred a lot of reaction on Twitter and Facebook after serving as a late night landmark for 49 years.

As 10News reported Wednesday, the Krystal restaurant on Cumberland Avenue closed suddenly.

A Krystal spokesperson said the company owned location "did not meet Krystal's performance standards."

The Health Department gave them a 60 out of 100 health rating in early May and sent them a warning letter stating another critical violation could lead to a "license to operate" hearing. They said they did not force the restaurant to close.

Students and alumni say even though there are locations all over town, to them the Krystal on the strip holds many college memories.

"A lot of late night memories... a lot of 3 a.m.'s," said UT student Mark Juang.

"Of course I'm going to miss it. It's an institution on the strip," said UT student Drew Sims.

"It's been around for so long. It was a go-to place on the strip for so many generations," said UT Director of Alumni Programs Eric Haag.

Haag posted the news on Facebook to thousands of alumni across the country who poured out their frustration.

"The strip will never be the same!" wrote one alumni.

"I'm in mourning!" said another. "It is truly the end of an era"

"It's not necessarily the food or the type of place it is, but the memories it evokes," said Haag.

Students say they are tired of watching their favorite hangouts disappear.

"It's almost like when you come back in 10-15 years, the places you had most of your memories at are not going to be there," said Juang.

Now, the signs are stripped and windows boarded, leaving no landmark for their memories.

The strip location opened in 1963.

Krystal corporate says there are 18 other locations around the Knoxville area.

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