Darin' Erin: Flipping for the Olympics

7:38 PM, Jul 25, 2012   |    comments
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The Olympic torch is still moving towards the cauldron, but I am on fire to be one of the best gymnasts never to make the team. Yep, I can try, but it is never going to happen.

The folks over at Flip Fest were more than happy to work with Photographer JJ and I before they headed over to London. OK one John had already caught a flight, but the other John decided to hang, but then he sent us over to Randy. Hold onto your hootinanny kids this man is OVER the top and fun.

Let's see if Randy can try and make an Olympian out of me or maybe just try and send me back to the emergency room.

I'm pretty sure neither of these is going to happen.

Randy wants to see what type of mad gymnast skills I have. Ready or not here goes the cartwheel followed by the tumble I did when I was five. Prooofeessiioonnalllllll. Take that Mary Lou Retton.

The gym is full of future Olympians, I can feel it. These kids are amazing and I am very impressed.

The kids come not just to do gymnastics at the camp. I was actually overwhelmed by all the activities that go on: dancing, boating; seems you name it they have it, but those kids have a lot of fun and work very, very hard.

However, I tried to work just as hard, for about an hour, and I am no closer to being able to use the uneven bars than I was when I walked in. Sigh. It's ok, I have four years to learn and lose that "extra" five pounds.. lol

Thanks again to the folks for having us and good luck to all of our east Tennessee Olympians and future Olympians.


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