KPD: Vols QB Tyler Bray suspected in car vandalism

8:56 AM, Jul 26, 2012   |    comments
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UT quarterback Tyler Bray and his roommate are suspected of vandalizing a pair of vehicles parked at their apartment complex, however no charges have been filed.

According to a police report, Brandi Hudson, 22, said that she parked her car at the Landing apartments, located on Riverside Forest Way, on Friday night, July 20.  When she left on Saturday morning, there was damage to the roof of the car and the windshield was cracked.  There was also a note on the car, saying, "I know what happened to your vehicle" and a phone number.

The note contained the name and phone number for Kirstie Allen, 21, who lives at the Landings.  She told Hudson that "there had been males drinking and throwing beer bottles and golf calls at her vehicle."  Allen told Hudson those men were Tyler Bray and his roommate, Michael Grandinetti.  KPD says Grandinetti is a former UT student and current employee.

On Monday, Allen filed a police report claiming that her windshield had been smashed in retaliation for calling 911 about the Friday night incident.  She said she parked her car around 1:10 pm and went inside to eat lunch.  When she came back out 30 minutes later, the front windshield was damaged.  She estimated the cost to repair it at over $500.

She did not see anyone damage the vehicle, but told the officer that she "felt it was retaliation for her calling the police on Bray and Grandinetti."

She also told the officer that the apartment manager told her that Bray had been served an eviction notice from the complex.

No charges have been filed in connection with either incident.  According to Knoxville Police Department spokesperson Darrell DeBusk, Hudson decided not to press charges because Bray had apologized to her and offered to pay for all the damages to her car. 

The investigation is continuing into the second incident.  DeBusk says at that this point, there are no witnesses to the vandalism, and without them, pressing charges would be impossible.

DeBusk said KPD Chief David Rausch informed UT Police and Coach Derek Dooley about the incidents on Monday night, and that Bray was a suspect.

Jimmy Stanton, UT's Associate Athletics Director for Communications, acknowledged the university is aware of the alleged incidents but emphasized that Bray was not arrested.

Fans React

From the campus to the computers, Facebook and Twitter have been buzzing about this story, Especially in light of the upcoming season and the team's reputation for criminal activity among players in recent years.

Students on campus say they hope the case is nothing more than false accusations.

"Inital reaction was 'disappointed,' hoping it's not true," said UT junior John Michael Feuer.

Fans told 10News on campus and on our Facebook page, they're not jumping to conclusions since no charges have been filed and police do not have any eyewitnesses.

They say this will be a pivotal year for the Vols and they will need Bray's leadership.

"You hope it's not proven guilty, you definitely hope it's not true... for the football's sake. For the team's sake. But the facts will come out sooner or later," said UT fan Paul Longmire.

"A lot of people are against (Bray)... a lot of people are for them. I know I'll be for him, you know, he's the leader of our football team... and he's innocent til proven guilty," Feuer said moments later.

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