Knoxville tow truck driver Ron Gandy lies in a coma Wednesday after being attacked on the job

11:31 PM, Sep 5, 2012   |    comments
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Friends of a Knoxville boy are coming together to help after his father was brutally attacked Monday morning in a Pleasant Ridge Road parking lot.

"Brother Jordan's father was badly beaten Monday morning; it's pretty bad. I didn't see anyone look that bad," pastor David Woods with the Blessed Hope Missionary Baptist Church announced to his congregation Wednesday night.

Church member Jordan Gandy's father, Ron, was preparing to tow a car at the Pleasant Terrace Apartments because the driver was not authorized to be there. KPD said that driver attacked Gandy from behind.

"When I first got (to the hospital), he was real torn up. Anybody would be if it was your dad," said Jordan's friend Brandan Klein.

Pastor Woods said Jordan lost his mother several years ago; his father was the teen's only family in Tennessee. Now, that man lies in a UT Medical Hospital bed, clinging for his life.

"Jordan came home this morning, checked the mailbox and seen some bills and that hit him all at once. 'My dad is in a coma, how am I gonna pay all these bills?'" the pastor recalled.

That church's response: prayer and community.

"Anyone who could see this, I'd like to ask you to get together and pray for this family -- and pray for Jordan," said church youth pastor Terry Morgan.

The Blessed Hope Missionary Baptist Church will hold a benefit for the family this Saturday evening with a dinner beginning at 5 p.m., 109 Blacks Ferry Road in Claxton. They said they will be accepting donations for family costs. 

For more information, call 865-945-4471.

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