Darin' Erin: Mudsanity

5:31 PM, Sep 26, 2012   |    comments
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There is nothing like a man in a toga greeting you for your dare.

Well I would never put that past John Roethlisberger.

John and his business partner John run FlipFest in Crossville and they decided that maybe a mud run would be fun.

What's even more startling is when Photographer JJ takes me down to be a "test" runner. WHAT THE??

So off we went to Crossville to check out the Mudsanity course.

This may have been a bad idea. Photographer JJ has already lost his shoe and I'm not even into the course yet. After we dig him out I head across what I fondly call the swamp. It stinks and I'm pretty sure the last thing that cam through here was a mammoth of some sort.

Then someone made a Star Wars reference and it was all over. ewwwwwwwwwww this is disgusting. They were also nice enough to inform me that people will probably run a little faster than my trudging through. Yeah.. ok, I'm a tester not Iron Man!!

So after I see the "tarantulaasarus" we are free of the first stop... then up the hill. Oh look there are some jumps for horses is the distance, oh those aren't for horses? I have to get OVER that?? Who does this?

I will spare you the details of the rest of my test run. If you like mud and you like running then this might be a fun run for you to be a part of. So get on it!

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