Photos reveal trash, blood in aftermath of UT 'alcohol enema' incident

5:29 PM, Sep 27, 2012   |    comments
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Newly released photos from the University of Tennessee Police Department show a fraternity house littered with boxes of wine, trash and blood in the aftermath of an alleged 'alcohol enema' incident at the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity over the weekend.

University officials released the complete police report Thursday, which included additional information from investigators, along with citations and photographs from the scene.

Early Saturday morning, 20-year-old Alexander Broughton was brought to UT Medical Center with a blood alcohol level of .448, more than five times the legal limit.

His injuries led officials to believe he may have been sexually assaulted, so Knoxville police officers specializing in sexual assault were brought in to investigate, according to the report.

It was only later, as investigators questioned other members of the fraternity that the details about possible 'alcohol enemas' began to emerge, according to the documents.

UT police took pictures inside the fraternity house showing boxes of wine, trash and blood scattered throughout the house, including on toilet seats.

Fraternity members later blamed that blood on a physical fight between two members, and the documents note that those members showed visible injuries when officers saw them.

In the police report, Broughton and other fraternity members deny that the wine enemas ever took place. 

Broughton's father, Mark, told 10News that his son's medical records show his son's liver was "fried," proving to him that his son drank the wine rather than ingested it via an enema.

Mark Broughton said the wine was all consumed during a game of "Tour de Franzia," a wine-chugging game also noted in the police report. During that game, players pass around the bags from boxes of wine and chug the alcohol, seeing who can finish first without vomiting.

Both Broughton's father and the police report note that Xander Broughton won the game that night.

Mark Broughton also told 10News that fraternity members are gathering signed affidavits to dispute the information that has been released. Those affidavits reportedly deny that the alcohol enemas took place on the night in question or ever.

Justin Buck, executive vice president of the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity, said that effort is being organized by the local chapter members and "is not a course of action that has been advised by our office."

Buck went on to say that national leaders are not attempting to dispute any police reports.

"The international fraternity is committed to partnering with the university and cooperating with all ongoing investigations."

Meanwhile, the documents also reveal a new allegation of hazing.

The mother of a Pike freshman called to anonymously report that, while a pledge was being forced to do push-ups, a fraternity member "mashed" the pledge's face into the floor, causing injuries that sent him to the hospital. She reported he was diagnosed with a concussion.

When police followed up with that pledge, he denied the hazing, saying he suffered the injuries after being elbowed during a pick-up basketball game. He did acknowledge he had been diagnosed with a minor concussion.

Back in 2008, Pi Kappa Alpha was suspended after a hazing incident.

The fraternity has had a string of less serious disciplinary problems since then. This latest investigation has led to a 30-day suspension from the international fraternity and an indefinite suspension from UT.

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