Red Ribbon Week aims to teach students about the dangers of drugs

4:39 PM, Oct 26, 2012   |    comments
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Dozens of Jefferson County students kicked off a week about learning about drug awareness on Friday. It's Red Ribbon Week at Rush Strong School.

Police, firefighters, wildlife officers, state troopers, and others were on hand to show students what they do, and teach them about the dangers and drug use and other hazardous behaviors.

Administrators hope the demonstrations help drive home the importance of avoiding drugs.

"I hope that they walk away with an understanding that you don't want to do drugs, no matter what the situation is. It messes up your life completely, and that there is help there if you find yourself in a situation where either you're in a home or with a friend or someone else," said Principal Chris Vineyard.

Friday's red ribbon theme was "Use your imagination... not drugs." Students were allowed to dress up as book characters.

The activities continue with different themes next Monday through Thursday.

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