East Tennesseans watch results come in, react

12:39 AM, Nov 7, 2012   |    comments
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East Tennesseans across the area gathered in many places to watch Tuesday night's election results.

Bars and restaurants along Gay Street in Downtown Knoxville were packed with Democrats and Republicans, anxious to see whether their man could pull out a win.

"I know we're living in some trying times and the candidates have a whole lot to consider as being President of the United States, but I just want to say, 'may the best man win,'" said Denise Hurst, who spent her night watching the results at Knoxville's Downtown Grill & Brewery.

Maryville College students also watched the results. Many told 10News it was an exciting process, as it was the first time they could participate in the race as voters.

"It's important because this is a critical time in our country where there's a lot at stake," said Maryville College student Lauren Voyles.

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