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Cancer survivor hands out scarves to chemotherapy patients

12:10 PM, Nov 14, 2012   |    comments
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An East Tennessee cancer survivor is on a mission to help fellow cancer patients feel sassy when they cover up their head with a hat or scarf.

Samantha Garcia has endured two rounds of breast cancer.

She says she hated the feeling of being stared at when she wore a scarf to cover up her head during cancer treatments.

Garcia wants to do away with that stigma, make scarves sassy, and just support other cancer patients.

So, she and her friend started a Facebook page and received more than three hundred scarves and hats from across the county. 

Wednesday, they spent the day at the new UT Cancer Institute, handing out their loot for free to cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy.

Samantha's friend, Jeana Vaughn, said, "When someone takes one of these I want them to know, first of all, that someone has been through it and, second of all, someone else thought to donate it. So, you have somebody who has been through that, tells you you do get through it, and someone else who donated it who is thinking of you and wanting you to get through it."

This was their first time handing out the scarves. The women hope other women and men feel empowered and know wearing a scarf is not something to be embarrassed about.

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