Ticket abuse bill proposed in Tennessee

7:13 PM, Nov 15, 2012   |    comments
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Event tickets that sell out right when they go online can easily frustrate fans. Some major ticket brokers are to blame.

A Tennessee bill might stop future ticket abuse.

Representative Ryan Haynes of Knoxville is co-sponsoring the "Fairness in Ticketing Act".

If passed, ticket brokers would have to follow certain guidelines including registering with the state, disclosing face value of original tickets plus venue and artist names couldn't be used online without proper consent.

The bill has supporters and a few critics.

"These so called solutions are giving teams, concert promoters and venues the power to treat all people like criminals by striping us of our ticket ownership rights," said Elizabeth Owen with the Fan Freedom Project.

"In no way does this bill ban ticket scalping," Representative Haynes said.  "Unfortunately, a lot of our opposition does not want to express the full picture.  They're out of state interest that make a lot of money."

Haynes could present the bill in January.

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