As tensions rise on the Gaza Strip, an East Tennessee native describes the scene

11:13 PM, Nov 20, 2012   |    comments
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An East Tennessee native described the ongoing battle along the Gaza Strip as something "you'd never get used to."

"Last Wednesday, I was evacuated from (Be'er Sheva), and been moving around ever since. Right now, I'm in Jerusalem, but that may change tomorrow," Sarah DiStephano, 24, said via Skype Tuesday afternoon.

She described the feeling of rocket fire so close to where she was staying while overseas.

"One of the things that would bother me is when I would have to get up in the middle of the night. I would always be shaking," she added.

However, she said her students were almost "calm" during the constant evacuations during her time teaching. Still, it is not second nature to the people of Israel.

"They tend to get rockets every week, people who lived here their whole life and it's something that you'd never get used to."

DiStephano plans to stay in Israel tentatively until June, unless the violence gets so bad that she'll be forced to leave.

"I love Israel and I love the people here and I'd love to come back again, but I'm ready to go home."

She said since she started teaching, she and friends have created a campaign called "We Are Here, Israel," which helps with support overseas.

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