Helen and Ellen give latest Labor of Love project their blessing

7:27 PM, Nov 30, 2012   |    comments
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In 2011, the Home Builders Association of Greater Knoxville and WBIR teamed up for a Labor of Love, to renovate the homes of Love Kitchen co-founders Helen Ashe and Ellen Turner.

"We are so blessed to have this house and enjoying every minute of it," said Helen at her home in East Knoxville.

On November 30, the twin sisters met with Childhelp Tennessee director Hugh Nystrom. Childhelp is the latest Labor of Love recipient.  Work will begin to repair their roof during the week of December 3.

"I'm excited to help get some of our stuff fixed but I'm even more excited for the long term of how cool this is going to be when you see other agencies and other deserving places in Knoxville that need help, that this can get played forward and paid forward," said Nystrom.

"It just makes the love grow and grow and grow," agreed Helen Ashe.

The Home Builders Association brought golden hammers for Helen & Ellen to "pass the hammer" on to the next Labor of Love recipient.

"I see it as a great outreach and I think it will build on itself each year," said Scott Davis, Vice-President of the HBA of Greater Knoxville. "It's not been hard at all to ask people to help. People want to come out and help and so I would love to see the hammer passed each year to another great cause and another organization that needs our help."

How you can help


Volunteers are needed for general clean-up and labor beginning They're also looking for experienced electricians to do wiring in the building. Volunteers will be needed starting December 4 and lasting up to two weeks. If you can help, please email laboroflove@wbir.com (Please include days and times you can help out and a daytime phone number where you can be reached).

Supply Donations:

(Right now these are the most needed items for roof repairs)
Large tarps
Contractor bags (huge trash bags available at Lowe's, etc.)
Eyewear protection
Dust masks
Orange vests

Childhelp Wish List:

(These are some of the things Childhelp Tennessee would like to have to take care of some cosmetic issues in their building.)

Ceiling Tiles
Windows inside the building
New Television with built-in DVD player
Kitchen Counters
To donate the items call the Home Builders Association at (865) 546-4665 x25 or email staff@hbaknoxville.com or visit www.hbaknoxville.com

How to help Childhelp Tennessee:

Right now their most critical need is for foster and adoptive parents. For more information on the organization, visit www.childhelp.org or call (865) 637-1753. 

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