Texas Roadhouse reopens doors and thanks fire crews

5:30 PM, Dec 7, 2012   |    comments
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A West Knoxville restaurant reopened its doors Friday, after it caught fire a little over a week ago.

Firefighters returned to Texas Roadhouse, but instead of fighting flames, they came there to eat. The restaurant opened Friday morning, and its first order of business was to say thank you to the Knoxville Department by serving them a free lunch.

Also, 10 percent of all sales went to the Knoxville Firefighters Association. Texas Roadhouse managing partner Ginny Matteson said that organization does a lot for burn victims.

"It's their own group where they contribute, and they donate to a lot of great causes," said Matteson. "In particular, the one I like is camp Phoenix. It's an overnight summer camp for youth, who are burn victims, so we're hoping to raise a lot of money for them to do good work."

Texas Roadhouse's renovation included a new moose head over the front doors, since the old one's ears were singed in the fire.

Knoxville fire officials believe someone intentionally set the fire, and they are still searching for a suspect. There is a $1,500 reward for information, which leads to an arrest and conviction.

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