Flu season nearly breaks hospital ER record

6:42 PM, Dec 10, 2012   |    comments
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More than likely, if your child is not sick, you probably know one who is.

Many young East Tennesseans are battling flu-like symptoms.

"We normally have rotation of cleaning everything every week but now we're sanitizing everything," said Kerri Bryan, owner of Kids At Play, Incorporated.

The trend has child care facilities focusing on prevention.

Kids At Play, Inc. in Knoxville is averaging 18 kids absent daily.  They believe the flu season hit harder and earlier than normal.

Emergency Room visits are high at East Tennessee Children's Hospital.

November 2012 was the second busiest November ever recorded by that unit.  The ER is treating up to 50 more patients daily.

"It may look like the typical flu season but it really impacted the city and our area a lot earlier than we would typically expect to see the flu," said Christy Cooper with ETCH.

1,387 patients were tested for the flu at the hospital in November.  379 people tested positive for the virus.

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