Fire chief, mayor meet to talk about subscription fire service

6:21 PM, Dec 10, 2012   |    comments
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After a public back-and-forth, Anderson County's mayor and Andersonville fire chief met to discuss paying a subscription for fire protection.

The mayor is asking the volunteer fire department to hold off on its membership based program.

Starting in January, the department would require homeowners to pay a fee for protection.

Mayor Terry Frank met with Chief Jeff Bagwell to discuss concerns she's hearing from citizens.  Bagwell says the department can't keep running without more money.

Since the Andersonville department is a private non-profit, the county can't stop the plan.

"This isn't something where the county mayor can do something at the stroke of a pen. What I can do is raise awareness when there are concerns and valid legal questions. I can work to get those out on the table and that's what I hope to do," said Mayor Frank.

The county will be discussing this issue Monday night during a public meeting at the Anderson County Courthouse.
That begins at 7 p-m.

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