Car-sharing service coming soon to Knoxville

5:55 PM, Dec 13, 2012   |    comments
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Zipcar, a car-sharing service, will soon be in Knoxville.

Here's how it works: you join as a member, make a reservation to rent a car, and a special card acts as your key. It's geared toward short-term use, like running errands.

Zipcar will start off with four sharable cars, with pick-up and drop-off sites in Downtown Knoxville and on UT's campus.

Knoxville's principal transportation planner says the program will give people more flexibility.

"Say they live downtown, and one car gets them to work. Another car, they can get rid of it basically, and use car sharing to run those errands every now and then," said Kelley Segars.

City council still needs to give final approval on some ordinances.

Zipcar plans to be up and running by early 2013. It will be free to join for the first year, thanks to a federal transportation grant.

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