Health Care Changes: From We to Me - Patients

7:13 PM, Dec 20, 2012   |    comments
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Insurance exchanges...Medicare care for all.

During the last year, you've no doubt heard the buzz words of the Affordable Care Act.

This week on 10News at Five, we're taking a closer look at what health care will look like in the coming year for you and your family.

Each day will highlight a specific group impacted by the changes. Here's a look at Thursday's discussion focusing on patients. Interview guests included:

If you have any questions about Medicare changes for seniors, please contact Holden at (865) 524-2786 or email him

On Friday, we will answer your questions about the Affordable Care Act. Please email questions by Friday to: We won't be able to answer all of them. We will try to address the ones that have the most impact on our viewers.

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