Knoxville gun show attracts large crowds

11:47 PM, Dec 29, 2012   |    comments
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The debate over gun control in the United States continues to heat up just two weeks after the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Newtown, Connecticut.

In East Knoxville, many gun owners went to the the "Knoxville Gun and Knife Show" looking to buy firearms before any new federal legislation goes into place to ban them. One attendee told 10News at the Chilhowee Park event that the expo was one of the busiest she has been to.

Gun Vendor Mike Lett of Mike's Gun Room said he has seen gun sales increase by more than 30 percent since the shooting. He said many people are concerned as to how the federal government will approach gun control. However, he argues that guns are not the problem when it comes to violence.

"I spent 35 years at the sheriff's office of Knox County," he said. "I have never arrested a gun. I have arrested criminals with guns."

He said the federal government needs to tackle another problem instead.

"The biggest issue I see is on the mental health issue," he said.

Others at the gun expo say more Americans need to be taught how to safely use firearms. Gun owner Nathan Mitchell said gun control would solve nothing.

"We've got plenty of gun laws, but what we have a lack of is education," he said.

Some people at the expo also say gun control should be a issue for the states to handle as the federal government might not be able to come up with a law that would suit rural and urban areas equally.

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