Changes coming for Tennessee driver licenses

11:24 PM, Jan 2, 2013   |    comments
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Getting your driver's license is going to be a lot different in Tennessee.

By February 15th, all state driver license bureaus are expected to hand out a paper license to those getting a Tennessee license for the first time or those renewing their license. Drivers will then get the actual card five to seven days later in the mail. Currently, the bureaus give drivers the hard copy of their driver license the same day.

Michael Hogan, director of the state's Driver Services Division says the change is an effort to prevent fraud. Hogan said there have been cases in which license-making equipment had been stolen to make fake identification cards.

The new system will remove the equipment from the local offices and place them in a central office where the licenses will be printed. Also, the driver's information will be checked again at the central location before the license is printed.

Hogan says the paper licenses are an official license and can be used just like the cards. The difference is the paper licenses expire quicker than the card licenses.

About a dozen states across the county already use the driver license system Tennessee is now implementing.


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