Fewer people visit Market Square on New Year's Eve after scaled back First Night

10:43 PM, Jan 3, 2013   |    comments
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Downtown Knoxville businesses say they noticed a difference on New Year's Eve after the city scaled back its First Night celebrations.

Monday night, folks rung in the new year with the annual fireworks and ball drop in Market Square, but organizers cut back on other events during the day.

Businesses say while they still had high numbers, there were fewer people on Market Square.

"Our numbers didn't really change. I did notice that our numbers in Market Square as a whole were different though, being that there was not as much activity in the square. I don't know if it being a Monday had anything to do with it, but food-wise and restaurant business-wise, it didn't really affect us," said Brandon Chancey, manager at Cafe Four.

"It didn't seem as busy as last year, for sure," said Pamela Dossey, shift manager at Trio. "Especially the skating rink, it kind of died down by midnight."

The businesses say they're hopeful for the new year, and look forward to seeing more stores come to downtown in 2013.

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