Knoxville Zoo's newest bear now has a name

5:19 PM, Jan 4, 2013   |    comments
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The public has spoken, and the Knoxville Zoo's newest bear cub now has a name.

Monty was the choice of voters who paid a dollar a vote to name the year-old cub, who came to the zoo from the
Wildlife Center of Virginia (WCV) after being found as an orphan in Montgomery County, Virginia.

The name is inspired by the county where Monty was found.  The other options were Knox and Butch, which was a late addition to the choices after UT hired a new football coach, Butch Jones.

The winning name was the first to reach a fundraising goal of $2000.  The zoo says Monty had a healthy lead in the voting, but Butch quickly gained ground, making it a close race to the finish, with only $4 separating the names at the end.

"Monty", the first to reach the $2,000 goal, raised $2,113, "Butch" raised $2,117 and "Knox" raised $278, for a total of $4,508 in donations, which will go directly to support the four North
American black bears at Knoxville Zoo's Black Bear Falls.

"We've enjoyed the good-natured competition between his first followers from the Wildlife Center of Virginia and his
new fans here in Knoxville," said Sharon Moore, director of development for Knoxville Zoo. "Either way, there were no
losers-our new little bear gets a great name and we raised funds that will go directly to support the four black bears that
are entrusted to our care. We're thrilled to have the opportunity to provide Monty with a wonderful new home."

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