UT sorority sisters concerned about safety

8:30 PM, Jan 11, 2013   |    comments
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Abby Morris and Morgan Crutchfield are sorority sisters, member of Kappa Delta. The sorority is one of six sororities now living in their new sorority house inside the University of Tennessee's Sorority Village, which is minutes from a section of Cumberland Avenue known as "The Strip".

Crutchfield, a UT sophomore and President of Kappa Alpha, said, "You never know what you're going to see when you're walking on 'The Strip'."

"The Strip" is full of restaurants and all sorts of other things for the college students to enjoy, but Morris and Crutchfield say walking to their new home from "The Strip" can be very scary for them and other women, especially at night.

Morris said, "There are not many police officers and there's not other people who see you so you're just hoping you make it back safely."

Crutchfield added, "That raises a cause of people being under the influence who are just walking the streets who you can run into and you face the problem of being alone."

Also, the continuing construction of the additional sorority houses inside Sorority Village is causing concern for the women.

Crutchfield said, "When you have men who you don't know who you see constantly who are working in the house next to you--so don't know them, so that raises suspicion."

Morris said, "[One time] they came to the back door and they said they were here to work on something. By the time I'd gone to get the house mom and return, they weren't there.So I don't know if something had happened or maybe they weren't here to work on something. But that's been a big concern."

University of Tennessee's spokeswoman Karen Simpson said the university is in the process of activating seven blue light emergency systems in the Sorority Village area. Also, Simpson said there is only one entrance into Sorority Village for security purposes and a security guard is at the gate 24 hours a day. Simpson also said they do not recommend any student to walk at night to and from "The Strip". Instead, the university recommends students to either drive their car or get a ride from a friend.

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