TDOT continues to treat roads, worries about potential black ice

5:44 PM, Jan 18, 2013   |    comments
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Road crews are working overtime to make sure everyone stays safe on the roads.

TDOT crews started treating the roads with brine and salt when the snow started falling. They also sent out plows to clear the snow and ice.

Crews will continue working Friday night as re-freezing becomes a concern again.

"The temperatures will drop going into tonight, so the possibility of black ice is still out there," explained Mark Nagi with TDOT. "It's certainly something we'll keep an eye on. We'll have maintenance folks still working tonight for any of those problem areas."

TDOT says upper East Tennessee needed some extra help because of heavier snowfall there and the mountainous terrain, but all the state's interstates and highways should be mostly clear.

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