Volunteers in 4-wheel drives deliver Mobile Meals

5:51 PM, Jan 18, 2013   |    comments
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More than 800 people got a nourishing meal on Friday, thanks to Mobile Meals and the volunteers that showed up to help on a day where four-wheel drive vehicles were needed to make the deliveries.

Dozens of people pitched in, and after a delayed pick-up time, the meals went out.

"We took a couple hour delay on the actual delivery to give the roads a chance to kind of thaw out and some of the worst of it to get over, so we will get everybody contacted and get all the meals out. We also make a safety check to see if everybody is okay, their power is on and they got heat," said Barbara Kelly of the Community Action Committee.

Mobile Meals serves hundreds of seniors who are unable to cook for themselves.   If you would like to help, call (865) 524-2786.

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