McGhee Tyson Airport de-icing planes & runways

9:59 AM, Jan 25, 2013   |    comments
  • McGhee Tyson ground crews de-ice a plane. Courtesy Trevis Garder
  • American Airline plane being de-iced at McGhee Tyson Airport. Photo by Trevis Garder, VP of Operations at McGhee Tyson Airport
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Crews at McGhee Tyson Airport are de-icing planes Friday morning.

There have been a few cancellations and delays.  If you are traveling, you should check with your airline or at TYS website for flight information before heading to the airport.

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McGhee Tyson Airport officials are gearing up for the possibility of ice, and the unavoidable flight delays and cancellations that come along with it.

When ice and snow move in, the airport has several tools available to make sure the runways and taxi-ways are clear.

The airlines are responsible for the de-icing of planes.

Airport officials try to make sure they have as much of a head start on winter weather as possible.

"Well, basically we take a 24 hour day and we chop it up to 3 hour chunks. And we have a person who is updating our forecast and how we handle that forecast in 3 hour blocks, and that gives us roughly a three hour head start,"  says Trevis Gardner, Vice President of Operations for Metropolitan Knoxville Airport Authority.

If you have a flight scheduled over the next couple of days, airport officials say you should call the airline or check their website before you leave home to confirm the status of your flight.

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