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Men rescue victim in burning car on I-75

7:31 PM, Jan 27, 2013   |    comments
Larry Haddan's vehicle went up in flames on Wednesday, seconds before he was rescued from the car.
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The quick actions of two men are the reason someone else is alive.

Greg Horton of Knoxville and Henry Headrick of Seymour were traveling for work on Wednesday when they noticed a burning vehicle on I-75 North, near Jellico.

"We could see the smoke from a distance and there was a bunch of cars in front of us and I thought the woods were on fire but as we got closer we could see it was a car," Headrick explained.

Headrick pulled the semi-truck to the side of the interstate and looked for a fire extinguisher while Horton hit the passenger window with his fist to get inside the burning car.

"When I got in there it was really hot so I was trying to be quick about getting in and out but he was seizing and jerking," Horton said.

Inside the vehicle was Larry Haddan of Lake Orion, MI.

A seizure had caused him to drive off the road.

"I was just talking to the Lord, telling him, 'I need your help. I can't hold these flames back and I can't let this man die,'" Horton said.

Horton was able to pull Haddan out of the car with the help of Headrick.

Seconds later, the car was engulfed in flames.

"What do you say to somebody who saved your life? Apparently a lot of people drove by while I was sitting in that burning car," Haddan said.

Horton went on to say, "There were so many people just going by, even with all this going on... traffic never stopped. That to me was sad."

Haddan said he promised the men he would visit within the next four months.

He believes he has made some life long friends.


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