Dental Spa trend growing in Knoxville

5:33 PM, Jan 28, 2013   |    comments
Dr. Buzz Nabers is one of many dentist across the nation who offer spa dentistry to patients.
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A visit to the dentist is nothing like a day at the spa...or is it?

Spa dentistry is becoming increasingly popular in Knoxville.

Dr. Buzz Nabers, who owns two dentist offices in the city, believes the treatment is important for patients.

"It just gives them [patients] something to take their minds off of all the other things going on because in dentistry we're right in all their senses.  Sound, smell, taste...everything.  We're right there in their personal space.  Anything you can do to take their mind off that I think is a big help," Dr. Nabers explained.

Spa dentistry also benefits Nabers and his staff.

"When we know they're relaxed, we're relaxed.  Just like I'm in their personal space, they're in mine too.  I can sense if they're tense.  So when you see them relax and take a deep breath it makes us more able to do our job at the level we expect," Nabers said.

Two of the most common spa dentistry practices is paraffin wax treatments for hands and warm, scented neck wraps.  Nabers offers both of those spa luxuries to his patients.

"It's funny.  We get quite the response from patients.  I'll see them out in public and they'll introduce me as the guy who dips their hands when you go to the office," Nabers said.

Some dentist offices around the nation also offer massages. 

Watch Stoney Sharp's interview with Dr. Buzz Nabers above.

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