Superbowl delays could've been prevented with LED lights, claims E. Tenn company

6:26 PM, Feb 6, 2013   |    comments
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An East Tennessee company claims the 34-minute wait during the Superbowl on Sunday because of a power failure could have been reduced if the New Orleans Superdome used their LED lights.

"When we saw the lights go back on, one of the things I thought about was this company LED North America," said ORNL researcher Dr. James Klett. "Their LED technology could've solved some of the problems of the lights taking so long to turn on."

"I got a text from James that said we really need to fast track development of these stadium lights that we've been talking about," said LED North America president Andrew Wilhelm.

The two men showed 10News triangular light bulbs called "thermal foam high bay luminaries." The company claims they give off the same brightness as one mercury stadium bulb, but they don't need the time to warm up.

"In the Superbowl, it took almost 20 minutes to get the lights back on because they have to cycle the breakers," Dr. Klett added.

These LED lights would normally get extremely hot. ORNL scientists thought about using state of the art graphite foam to convect the heat, allowing more LEDs in the device and enough power to potentially light an NFL stadium.

"It spreads heat very, very fast. By putting the foam behind the LED boards. You can cool the LEDs a lot more efficiently," Dr. Klett.

The fact they turn on in an instant because they're LEDs means averting potential delays.

"It spreads light all over, like your metal hang lights or our florescent, and it's instant on instant off," Wilhelm said.

Currently, this kind of technology can be found in Nissan plants and soon Lowes stores, the company claimed.


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