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KPD helps solve a cold case, arrests man accused of killing stepfather

6:42 PM, Feb 8, 2013   |    comments
SOURCES: El Paso County Sheriff's Office & Knoxville Police Department
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Two people have been arrested for the 1977 murder of a "highly decorated" United States Army officer.

Lizbeth Ann Garrett, 74, and her son Roger Evan Garrett, 54, are both charged with the murder of Army Maj. Chester Garrett. Maj. Garrett, who was assigned to Ft. Bliss, was found dead in El Paso County, Tex. 36 years ago.

The investigation became inactive as all leads were exhausted at the time. However, in 2006 the El Paso County Sheriff's Office resumed the investigation after finding new leads.

Knoxville Police Department's Public Information Officer Darrell DeBusk said, "You just need one little tip, one piece of information, that finally puts the puzzle together."

KPD Lt. Paul Lane, Sgt. Chris Bell, Cold Case Investigator Jeff Day, and Investigator Jason Booker assisted the El Paso Sheriff's Office in the arrest of Roger Garrett.

Police say Garrett had been in Knoxville for about four months, living at the Willows of West Hills Apartment Complex. Police also say Garrett was employed while living in the city.

DeBusk said, "He was employed up until just a few days ago in which he was let go by his employer. We know that he was another job outside the city of Knoxville so he was prepared to move again."

Once police arrested Roger Garrett, deputies in El Paso County, TX arrested his mother and Maj. Chester Garrett's estranged wife, Lizbeth Ann Garrett.

"One we had him in custody they knew where she was at and they were waiting on the call from Knoxville that he was in custody. Soon as they got that call they went to her and placed her under arrest at that time," DeBusk said.

Both for both mother and son has been set at $5 million. Knoxville police say Roger Garrett will soon face an extradition hearing. If he waives that hearing, arrangements will be made to transport Garrett to Texas. However, if Garrett fights the extradition he will have to argue in front of a judge why he should not be returned to Texas to face the murder charge.


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