KUB to start accepting bids on Lyons View Pike project

7:06 PM, Feb 11, 2013   |    comments
KUB will start accepting bids for the Lyons View Pike Utility Construction Project starting on Tuesday.
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Plans are moving forward on a project that will affect a well-traveled road for commuters coming from neighborhoods in West Knoxville to downtown Knoxville.

Knoxville Utilities Board (KUB) will accept bids for the Lyons View Pike Utility Construction Project starting on Tuesday.

KUB will replace aging sewer, water and gas lines for about two miles of Lyons View Pike.

It will start at Lyons Point Lane and end near Kingston Pike.

For about seven months commuters will not be able to travel the road.

Residents will be allowed to enter; Cherokee Country Club will also have one entrance.

"In the area where the construction will be occurring it won't be possible for traffic to get through so we want to avoid people trying to cut through," said Julie Childers, KUB vice president of engineering.

KUB will work in 1,000-foot increments starting east, near Ashe's Wines and Spirits.

"The major intersection at North Shore and Kingston Pike, that traffic that's headed towards downtown, that traffic would have to go to that major intersection, then come up Kingston Pike. That intersection is already hectic," said Thad Cox Jr., owner of Ashe's Wines and Spirits.

Joe Cunningham, owner of Joe Cunningham Framing and Trimming, said it will help his company while they are building a home near the road.

"You can't hardly cross the street without getting hit and you can hardly get out, people won't stop for you. So I think being in construction... a lot of people won't be on this road anymore," Cunningham said.

The $3 million project could end up costing $5 million if residents and business owners are in favor of placing electrical lines underground.

They would pay $40,000 each.

"The cost is prohibitive to me and I suffer from heart failure and my money is going elsewhere at this point," said Helen Kirk, a resident near Lyons View Pike.

Childers said it will not happen if a majority of its residents are not in favor.

"For our bid we're going to go ahead and bid with that option in there... just to get a price," Childers said.

After speaking with residents, KUB has decided construction will occur 12-14 hours per day, 7 days a week, in order to get the project done in the least amount of time.

KUB will close bids in mid-March, then revisit the electrical line option.

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