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A wedding is just the beginning of a life together

5:20 PM, Feb 14, 2013   |    comments
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A wedding day is a celebration of love and a time to remember and a time to start fresh.

Then comes marriage.

An expert on the subject shared some advice.

David and Trish Faulkner tied the knot 44 years ago in Jellico, Tennessee.

He remembers what made his wedding day so special.

"I had the right girl," David Faulkner said.

Forty Four years ago, David Faulkner also became a Southern Baptist Pastor.

His calling took a different path about 25 years ago. That's when he started marrying couples at wedding chapels in Gatlinburg.

"I was asked to come in and assist, to take someone's place for a weekend. Memorial Day weekend in 1987. And I have been in it ever since, can't get out of it," he said with a smile.

At the Little Log Wedding Chapel he likes being with people as they start a life together, when they are happy and full of hope.

"It's such an honor to have the opportunity to be with them at such a time as that," he said.

He stopped counting about five years ago but by then he had performed about 20,000 weddings.

David Faulkner counsels couples to not expect perfection. He encourages a spiritual connection. He says be compassionate and understanding and be in love.

"Some wonderful love stories come out of this kind of thing," he said.

While most of the 20,000 plus weddings have been love stories he has had three exceptions.

"The bride gave off signals that this was not the thing that they needed to do. And all three times I stopped in the middle of the wedding and whispered and said you do not have to do this today, we can do this tomorrow, whatever the case might be. All three times they both said we want to go ahead and do this. All three times they called me the day after and wanted to know what they could do to get out of the situation," he said.

He and his wife have been married for 44 years and they never looked back. What's their secret?

"We felt like early on that God had brought us together. So through difficult times, wonderful times, that's always been the basis of what we've had. I married up. I married someone who inspired me to do better than what I would have done otherwise. And we have been a true team in every sense of the word," he said.

A wedding starts a new life together. A marriage joins two as one.

"They do complete you seriously so you become in a real spiritual sense and in an emotional sense you become sort of one person," he said.

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