Program helps TN families avoid foreclosure

5:14 PM, Feb 27, 2013   |    comments
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A Tennessee agency has helped more than three thousand families avoid foreclosure, and stay in their homes.
The program is called Keep my TN Home.  It's a foreclosure prevention effort, targeted at folks who've lost their job or taken a big cut to their income.
Tennessee received around $200 million dollars for the program, but it's only used about 35%.

The agency says it wants people to know help is out there.
"These are folks who have been working and paying their bills all their lives. They're not in a position to do that now because of a job loss or a big loss of income. We're viewing this as a bridge, to when they're back working and paying their own way and it keeps them in their homes," said Ralph Perry of the Tennessee Housing Development Agency.

People do have to qualify for the program.  You can learn more about it and apply at this website.

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