MOMENTS: Kris Phillips finishes the race

9:40 AM, Mar 5, 2013   |    comments
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"I don't care if you're a mom, dad or whatever - you cry. It's just the most incredible scene. It's heartwarming."

That's how bystanders described seeing Karns Middle School student cross the finish line in cross-country races back in 2006.

Phillips overcame incredible odds just to even stand on his own two feet. At birth, doctors told his family he would never walk. After several painful surgeries, he defied those odds and learned to walk with his peers. By the time he was a pre-teen, Kris found a way to run cross-country at Karns Middle School.

As stories of Kris and his school races spread around East Tennessee, larger crowds began to pop-up. At one point, so many people attended, the school had to call in law enforcement to direct traffic.  Once the story aired on WBIR, national media outlets also picked up on it and Kris became a source of inspiration for sports teams and church groups across the country.

No matter how much people talked about his achievements, Kris credited his success to living life to the fullest. "Keep on going," he said. "If there's ever bad, remember there's also going to be good."

Kris and his story of beating the odds and staying strong is one our your "Straight from the Heart" moments.

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